Who we are

Who are we?

While our people have world-class experience and educational credentials, what makes us special is our shared passion for helping organisations look ahead, plan ahead and get ahead.

We are committed to creatively helping our clients see the bigger picture, the opportunities and risks ahead, and developing a practical travel plan that will not only help you arrive at your desired destination but give your team an enriching journey along the way.

By doing so, we help you make a bigger difference in the world while building your team's capability, confidence and leadership skills.

Our people

Anticipate is an affiliated network of professionals with extensive backgrounds and expertise in futures thinking, strategic design, collaboration, good governance and policy advice.

We are drawn to work together because we have in common a burning curiosity about the future holds and how to help organisations achieve more.

Like super heroes, but nerdy, we come together to help organisations when there is a need.

Meet Steve, Director of Anticipate. He has 20 years experience in strategy, futures thinking and policy. Steve also loves gardening, podcasting and soy hot chocolates. But don't hold that against him. He's here to help!

Our clients

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