Think ahead

Think ahead

"Strategy is knowing where we want to go, why, and how to get there" - Geoff Mulgan, UK Prime Minister's Strategy Unit

Even just a couple of decades ago, life was a lot slower and simpler. Planning ahead mean literally developing a plan and following it faithfully until implemented.

But now we live in much faster and more complex times. It is easy to get caught up in all the noise and lose your focus. But just making a plan and following it regardless of what’s happening around us no longer works either. So what can leaders do to help their teams act purposefully while staying agile and learning continuously?

At Anticipate, we teach the ‘tight-loose-tight’ model of strategy development and implementation. We help you and your team to get precise on what you are trying to achieve (tight). We then give you ways to provide room for experimentation on how to achieve your goals (loose). Finally, to ensure you stay on target, we help you measure success effectively (tight again).

Critically, our approach leaves room for learning together what works and what doesn’t while keeping your, and your team’s eyes on the prize. In this way, we help you balance clarity of focus with room to inspire and motivate your people to each contribute their best to your collective mission.

Our services include:

– Strategy auditing
– Vision and goal setting assistance
– Intervention logic
– Story-scaping futures
– Strategic challenge and key issue diagnosis
– Polarity mapping

So, if you could use a hand to provide your team clear direction and energise them to work together towards common goals, contact us today.

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