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Look ahead

We live in a time of rapid and widespread change.  So what works today may well not tomorrow.  Great leaders know it’s not enough to manage just for today – you have to anticipate what’s coming as well.  We can help you see the waves of change ahead, enabling you to surf them, rather than being pulled under when they arrive. 

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All great leaders and teams have one thing in common – they seem to be ahead of the curve.  But life is faster and more complex than it used to be. So how to we stay on course while dealing with all this change?  You don’t need a map, you need a compass and a willingness to make course corrections.  We can help build you that compass and empower your team to use it to reach your destination.

Get ahead

Knowing your destination and having a compass is a good start, but it’s not enough.  To actually get there, you need your team to paddle in the same direction.  As their leader, you need to inspire and empower each member of your team to do their part.  Want to know more about how? Read on!

try this one rafting

What our customers are saying...

"The team at Anticipate did a great job of pulling together a forward-looking environmental scan for us.

They worked with us and our stakeholders to explore how to make sense of the trends, and what steps we might need to take to plan for the future.

The work was not only comprehensive, but quick, which we really appreciated."

New Zealand Search and Rescue

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